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Mel Patrick Art Prints

Mel Patrick Wall Art

Mel Patrick is a photographer who’s based in Denver. He’s the owner of the wonderful photo collection called the 'Pride of the Rio Grande.' This collection has attracted many viewers from all over the world. Patrick is a respected photographer as well as a gentleman. He’s a photographer who strives to make things simple and let the elements combine in the head and react with each history the viewer has brought to the table. If all goes as he wishes, he hopes to create realistic experiences, rather than just pictures of experiences. Patrick really wants to have a feeling of a kid, where everything is new. He says that his secret is not to make an image artificial but rather to make it as natural as possible, and also to use light in essence to paint the picture. Photographer Patrick has been a railroad employee for more than 30 years.

These unusual perspectives in photography come from the fact that he likes to experiment and is open to learning from his fellow artists. Patrick believes that learning a continuous process and it’s the only way that an artist can improve his/her art. He usually endeavors for conspicuously different images and his original works stretch from synchronized flash to multi-media side-shows. Patrick realized that if he wanted to make impact, he would have to do something unique. He realized this after he was advised by his art teacher who challenged him to diversify his subjects. His images are now in many collections, galleries and homes around the world.
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Floral Song V
Fine-Art Print
16" x 16"
Usually ships same day
English Garden I
Fine-Art Print
22" x 28"
Usually ships same day
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